Sais’ of Relief*

April 19th, 2011

Last Friday the teams from Yeasties Boys, 8 Wired, and Renaissance got together to brew a special beer. Beer geeks will know that any beer made by Stu (Yeastie Boy B) or Søren (8 Wired) will be pretty special and there would be even higher expectations for a collaboration. This brew was extra extra special because all of the proceeds from the beer would go to charities providing aid after the Christchurch earthquakes and the Queensland floods. The brewery, the brewers’ time, and all ingredients have been donated to keep costs to a minimum.

The brew day went well and Søren reported via twitter on Saturday that the beer was fermenting nicely. This morning, 19 April, 2011, he said that the beer smells like a freshly squeezed orchard. Look forward to a hoppy sessionable amber ale, with a Saison twist.

Søren, Stu, and Sam tweak the recipe the night before the brew.

An early start at Renaissance Brewing Company.

Søren supervises Sam and Stu cleaning out the mash tun.

Sam supervises Søren scrubbing the mash tun.

Søren prepares some olive oil to add to the wort (as an oxygen replacement)

Stu adds some Pacifica hops to the kettle

Stu adds some Styrian Goldings hops to the hop-back.

The charity brewing team: Brian Thiel (Renaissance), Søren Erikson (8 Wired/Renaissance), Stu McKinlay (Yeastie Boy B), Sam Possenniskie (Yeastie Boy D), and Andy Deuchars (Renaissance).

Check out Stu’s account of the day at The Yeastie Boys’ Posterous blog and suggest a name for the beer.

* please pronounce ‘Sais’ incorrectly so it sounds like ‘sighs’. No one knows how to pronounce Saison properly anyway.

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