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Happy Birthday, Ian Ramsay

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Ian Ramsay, the brewer at Galbraith’s Alehouse in Auckland, is the most methodical, meticulous, and modest brewer I have met. Those are essential qualities to be a brewer (well, the first two at least) but Ian masterfully takes them to another level.

Today is Ian’s birthday. I was surprised to find out that he turned sixty five. The man has more energy than brewers forty years his junior. He makes damn fine beer too, although he’ll try to play it down. Happy birthday, Ian.

The Auger to The Mash Tun
Mashing In
Checking the Clarity
Cleaning the Fermenter
Ian Ramsay

Have a look at the full set of photos.

If you’re in Auckland on Monday, make sure you head in to Galbraith’s for the first release of the Guest Cask Series. The first beer in the series is The Yeastie Boys Nerdherder B, brewed by Ian and Yeastie Boy B, Stu McKinlay. Monday is also the brew day for the second beer in the Guest Cask Series. Chris “Father” O’Leary from Emerson’s (and ex-owner/brewer of Limburg, the brewery that converted me into a wheat beer lover in the early 2000s) will be there brewing a Red IPA. It’s the perfect chance to show your love for craft beer by hugging a brewer or three.