The Beer Project Heads to Australia

February 17th, 2012

I may have to change the tagline on this website: next month I am heading to Fremantle. I will be there to participate in a five-day photography workshop with the only Australian represented by the Magnum photo agency, Trent Parke. Check out his work and his Magnum portfolio. Some amazing use of light. He manages to make everyday street scenes look like scenes from another world. His book title, “Dream Life”, is very apt.

This workshop is the photography equivalent of spending five days working on your brewing with Richard Emerson, or five days working on your drinking with Ernest Hemingway. So I’m very, very excited. Five days of photographing, critiquing, editing, while being mentored by someone at the top of their game. It will be hard work but I will learn a lot which should result in even better photos here at The Beer Project.

Each participant in the workshop is expected to complete a project during the week. The best images from each participant will be projected at an event on the Saturday night as part of the PhotoFreo Festival. Of course my project proposal involved beer. I plan to photograph craft brewers in Freemantle and Perth, similar to my work on NZ craft brewers. A secondary project documenting the general beer-drinking culture there is also an option. I’d be interested to make a comparison to NZ.

Part of the application process for a place in the workshop was sending a portfolio of five images. At first I thought “how am I going to narrow it down to five photos?”. Then I thought “argh, I don’t have five good photos”. After a bit of help on Twitter I selected these five, all from The Beer Project.

Martin Townshend
Welding at Cassels & Sons Brewery
Ian Ramsay

There are a few ways you can help me on my journey.

  1. Information. Send me tips about Freemantle and Perth, especially info about bars and breweries. Email me or message me (@jedsoane) on Twitter.
  2. Money. This is not a cheap trip so give me a hand: hire me to do a photography job, buy a print, buy a framed print of your favourite brewer (most of my favourites are on the homepage), or just send me $5. Some more specific items for sale will pop up over the next week or two but email me with any special requests you might have in the meantime.
  3. General encouragement. I am pretty laid-back and need a bit of a kick to get me into action.

Thanks for all the support so far. Now grab a beer and toast to better photos on The Beer Project.


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