Beervana 2013

August 14th, 2013

Beervana: can it keep getting better? I would rate this year as the best yet. Garage Project took stands and stunt beers to new levels, the Festive Brews were inventive, the Media Brews even wackier than ever (Panhead and the Beerhive’s kiwifruit and pavlova beer, Epic’s beer made with jet planes and Steinlager), a plethora of new and old kiwi breweries with plenty of tasty treats, an interesting and varied range of Australian beers (mmm, BrewCult Acid Freaks, a Baltic Porter made with a dash of balsamic vinegar), and the food, oh, the glorious food. I didn’t think the Boulcott Street Bistro’s cider glazed pork belly roll could be beaten (even the bit that fell in my beer was delicious because I had fortuitously matched the roll with Liberty’s How Do You Like Dem Apples?), but the flavours in House of Dumplings’ dumplings made me completely forget that I was there to drink and take photos. And of course the beer, ah the beer. I don’t think I had a bad one all day. I could go on, but Herbertimo has written up a great summary over at The Wellingtonista, which means I can move straight on to showing you photos.

All of this goodness distracted me somewhat from working hard at getting good photos but I did get one photo I am immensely happy with. It’s very rare that I look at the back of my camera and know I have a great shot but this one of Jos Ruffel from Garage Project I couldn’t stop showing people all day. It already has me planning my next exhibition.

Jos Ruffel from Garage_Project making a Fire Poker Blended Cockswain’s Courage Porter. Beervana 2013.

The Garage Project stand at 11:05, Friday morning, before the hordes arrived. Beervana 2013.

Brewer Andy Deuchars from Renaissance Brewery with the trophy for Champion NZ Brewery. Beervana 2013.

Tracy Banner from the Sprig & Fern with her eleven medals from the Brewers Guild of NZ Awards. Beervana 2013.

John Duncan and sons, Matt and Caleb of Founders Brewery. Beervana 2013.

If these gentlemen aren’t musos they should be. Beervana 2013.

Sam Wakelin, a volunteer at Beervana 2013.

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