Print Sale

June 27th, 2014

UPDATE: orders are open for the rest of the day today (Monday, 30th of June). I got a bit busy over the weekend so I will be printing the photos tonight.

I have decided to have a quick little print sale to help fund a new camera. Because it is one of the tools of my trade I am offering a selection of my favourite photos of the tools of the brewing trade. These look beautiful as prints, even better than they look here.

The sale is on for a limited time. You have until lunchtime on Sunday, June 29th, to get your orders to me. I will print them on Sunday and get them sent to you early next week. To order email me at with the print number and name and the size you would like. I will reply with payment instructions (from Friday night). There are special prices for three or more prints. All prices include shipping and GST. The prints are printed using pigment ink on archival paper. Signed on the back. Email me with any questions.

Size Price for 1 for three
6×4 $12 $30
7×5 (approx) $20 $50
A4 (approx) $60 $150
A3 (approx) $120 $300

If you live in the United States then the prices are the same but in US dollars instead of NZ dollars. I will ship them to you when I am in the US next month. The larger size is excluded though because it won’t fit safely in my bag. If you live anywhere other than NZ or the US get in touch and I’ll work out shipping prices but please note, I won’t be able to ship to other countries until August.

1. Heart beer. You can hang this one up either way.

2. Hydrometers

3. Steam

4. Space station (actually it’s a keg washer)

5. Ladder.

Why do I need a new camera? Well, my current camera is over five years old, which is an eternity in the digital era. Sensor design has come a long way in that time especially for performance in low light, which are the conditions most of my photos are taken. Also, recurring back problems have me looking for a lighter setup. My current favourite lens and camera combination weighs 1.5kg. The camera and lens I am looking at buying would be 700g. My back is thanking you already.

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