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August Update – Odds & Ends

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

I have a few bits and pieces to report before the madness of the week leading up to Beervana starts taking up all of my time.

Thanks to those of you who purchased a print during my sale. I made enough for a fifth of a new camera, not as much as I’d hoped but that’s a damn good start. Running a print sale a week before going on holiday to the USA was probably a little over-ambitious but sometimes I need a good deadline to propel me into action. I even managed to hand-deliver all but one of them (my fans seem to be very much Wellington-based). I did underestimate the amount of work required, so that will be the cheapest you will ever see my prints, especially the smaller prints which take almost as much work as the larger sizes. I hope those who purchased enjoy the photos for many years. I will continue to work hard on my photography to become so well known that you can sell them at a huge profit when you retire or I cease to be.

Following the print sale, I spent the whole of July in the United States. I was acting as tour guide, driver, navigator (no one else could read a damn map!), photographer, and accommodation organiser for my Dad, aunty, sister, and a couple of my Dad’s friends as we road tripped across the USA from New York City to San Francisco (I was only three hours drive away from hand-delivering the last of my prints to San Diego but we didn’t quite have time to make the detour). I did manage to visit a few good bars and breweries along the way. A full report will come in my next post. The quick synopsis: Chicago was our favourite city, Proletariat in NYC was my favourite bar, and I definitely want to spend a lot more time in Colorado, Utah and Arizona (and I heard New Mexico was pretty damn cool too).

Proletariat, my favourite bar in New York City.

Justin, brewer at Funkwerks, Fort Collins, Colorado.

The doorman at Toronado, San Francisco.

If you’re into photography may I recommend a visit to the best camera store in the world, B & H Photo in New York City. I have ordered many things from them online so it was great to visit the physical store. It was bustling (they have over 5000 customers a day) and was even more exciting than the Lego Store (which my sister had to drag me out of). So many cool toys. I may not have been able to afford a new camera but I did pick up a year’s supply of ink for my photo printer for half what it costs in NZ.

Back in New Zealand, Beervana is almost upon us. That means it’s time for the Golding’s Free Dive Beer Goggles photo contest. Take an awesome beer-related photo and submit it to the contest ( by this Thursday. You may see your photo on the walls of Golding’s, plus you’ll be in to win some great beery prizes. I am judging this year so get your bribes in to the address on my Contact page. You’ve got one more day before the closing date.

At Beervana itself, the Pink Boots Society, supporters of women in the beer industry, will have their first New Zealand meeting, with special guest Denise Ratfield from San Diego (coincidentally the purchaser of my print that went to San Diego). Denise is the Social Media Committee Chair of the Pink Boots Society. On Monday Denise will brew a beer at Four Avenues with the NZ Pink Boots Society coordinator and Beer Baroness, Ava Wilson. Thanks to Ava’s generosity I will be heading down to Christchurch to photograph the brew day. I hope to have time to post some photos here next week, otherwise keep an eye out after Beervana.

Finally I need to put in a good word for beer writer and friend, Jules van Cruysen. He is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to publish a book on the New Zealand craft beer scene, “kiwi CRAFT”. A book of this type is well overdue so I encourage you to support him: $30 will get you a copy of the book when it is finished but I’m sure more would be appreciated. There are many good rewards.

And that’s it for beery project news. Stay tuned for a post about the USA, photos from Christchurch, and then some Beervana coverage.