Craft Beer Calendar – July 2015 – LBQ

July 1st, 2015

Today is a new month on your Craft Beer Calendar and you’ve probably flipped over the page and exclaimed “What the…!?”. That is unless you are as big a Bob Dylan fan as Dan Hargeaves, bar manager at LBQ. One of Dan’s early ideas for their calendar shot was an homage to the cover of Dylan’s album, The Basement Tapes. I remembered the excitement in his eye as he suggested it. I nodded pretending to share his enthusiasm before heading home to google the album. What a mad cover. My enthusiasm became real.

It offered great potential for utilising the extended LBQ family. Dan spent six weeks pulling together props and costumes. Getting everyone together for the shoot proved tricky but at last, indeed as the last shoot for the calendar, we gathered in LBQ one Sunday morning in December – not a favourite time for bar staff – just in time to make the printing deadline.

Costumes were donned, furniture moved, camera positioned, people arranged, camera repositioned, album cover referenced repeatedly, poses tweaked until at last, the shot. And what a stunning array of characters. All the LBQ crew make great musos and assorted weirdos, and Matt’s years of keg lifting come in handy as the strongman. A well-trained pig instead of a dog. To make up numbers, a few regulars were enlisted. Shiggy from Funk Estate as an Inuit wearing a Funk Estate cap. Ciaran, from the Malthouse, lurks in the shadows as a sad clown. Wellington beer scene royalty, Ted and Frances, jointly occupy the throne, happy to be sitting as the photographer insisted on taking shot after shot to get the one that was needed. Hungover, Stacey would have loved a seat but was forced to pose gracefully as a ballerina over and over. Bar regular Sam dared to eat fire. Halena put her hair to good use as a beard. And Dan, where the hell did Dan find such a great cardy to match Dylan’s jacket?

It’s not perfect – I would have loved more space out to the right so the composition was balanced better, were we not constrained by calendar format and camera lens – but the wonderful people from LBQ make it shine.

I wish to hear this band play.

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