Diving in to 2016

January 7th, 2016

The good people from LBQ.

It is now 2016 which means that you should have a new calendar on the wall. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll be lucky enough to have a New Zealand Beer Calendar (or two!). This was the second year that Megan Whelan and Jess Ducey organised the calendar to raise money for the Sexual Abuse Prevention Network. The 2015 calendar made $15,000 to help SAPN train Wellington bar staff to identify and limit possible sexual assault. You can read about how the idea came about here.

It was a bit of a scramble to get the first calendar done, given it was conceived at the end of October. This year there should have been plenty of time. To make it an even tougher assignment Megan and Jess decided there needed to be a small NSFW calendar to complement the main calendar (and to give you something to compliment your favourite bartenders, barflies, and brewery staff with). Twice as many photos to take. Surely that would mean we would shoot them over at least two months instead of just the month of November we had last year. We had October and November available, and a bunch of talented photographers around the country.

Somehow the timing didn’t quite work out and the first Wellington shoot took place on November 17. Two hectic weeks, and seventeen shoots later, I was done. I had also more than enough naked butts for one year. Somehow we still managed to have the calendars ready earlier than last year. This year we start earlier, right Megan and Jess?

Because there are generally only one photo per month, there were many great photos that didn’t make the final calendars. This is a chance to celebrate some of those. If you like what you see then I hear there may be a few copies left. Get along and order from the Beer Calendar website now. Thanks to all who have already supported the calendar: the bars and businesses that sponsored, all the people who pledged or bought a calendar, the wonderful models – naked and clothed – (especially the LBQ crew who jumped in the harbour twice for us even though they made us promise they’d only have to jump once. I owe you all a beer), Meg the designer, all the photographers, and the printers. It’s a mission, but damn, it’s worth it.

Kerry Gray (Choice Bros.) and Llew Bardecki (Wild & Woolly) soak away a hard day of brewing. This was the first shoot and there were so many great photos we could probably make a Choice Bros/Wild & Woolly calendar.

Mike Conroy, Wellington’s most entertaining beer enthusiast has a present for you.

The Beerded Ladies.

“Yes, I do like a good handpull.”

It’s sad to realise now that this was Funk Estate’s final farewell to Wellington before their move to their own brewery in Auckland.

Blue Steel from Ted, Baz, and the rest of the crew of the Kelburn Village Pub.

More Blue Steel at Beer Without Borders.

Just a little more Blue Steel.

Kia Manawanui. The Thirsty Bitches at Bin 44.

David Wood and Van. If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

Having starred in two naked shots already, David Wood thought the Hashigo Zake photo should be naked too.

Dom and Tasi wait to get their beards.

“Look, I wasn’t calling you bitter!” Golding’s has gone to the dogs.

Pete Gillespie reveals the secrets of a dog wrangler.

Secret rituals of the Society of the Third Eye.

I may enter this outfit into the World of Wearable Art next year. #whenPhotoshopGoesBad

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