The Yeastie Boys Diorama

The Yeastie Boys celebrated their five-year anniversary by putting together a cool little zine. I planned on contributing some photos but then I decided that would be far too boring and expected of me. A bit of brainstorming gave me my next idea. Stu and Sam are fairly stylish guys. What about paper dolls you cut out, colour in, and dress up? Genius. But digging through my archive of photos I couldn't find enough suitable photos for that idea to fly and I lacked the artistic talent to draw alternatives. A bit more thinking over a Golden Age of Bloodshed or two and the dolls morphed into my final idea: a diorama of what the Yeastie Boys' Brewery would look like if they had one.

Half way through putting the diorama together (which was already three days longer than I expected it to take) I realised I lacked the artistic ability for this idea too, but with my already-extended deadline looming, I battled on, eventually getting it into a state that a 10-year-old would be proud of.

Happy birthday Yeasties Stu and Sam. Here's to the next five years. If I start working now I might have something for the 10th birthday zine that would make a 15-year-old proud.

If you were too precious to mutilate your Yeastie Boys zine or you missed out on getting one, never fear. Here you can download your own Yeastie Boys Brewery diorama. Have fun, but remember: don't run with scissors.

What you need:

  • A print out of the two pages in this zip file
  • scissors or a craft knife
  • several bottles of your favourite Yeastie Boys beer
  • bright colouring pencils or felt pens
  • sellotape
  • more beer
  • some cuss words for when you drunkenly cut off Stu's leg

What to do:

  1. unzip the download file
  2. have a beer
  3. print out the two images on to A4 paper or card (if printed on paper then glue the paper to card to add structural integrity to the brewery)
  4. have a beer
  5. colour-in things (especially Stu's pants)
  6. cut everything out
  7. have a beer
  8. fold and sellotape the brewery backdrop
  9. interlock matching bits so they will stand up by themselves
  10. have three beers for inspiration
  11. arrange artistically
  12. toast the result with a beer

Alternatively, get your children to put it together, excluding steps 2, 4, 7, 10, and 12.

Voila! Your finished diorama should look a little like this: